capiIsdnMon Homepage

(c) 2004


linux Server Program

This Server Program sets your capi ISDN Card in Listenmode on the S0 BUS and waits for an incoming call.
If a call comes in, the server program tries to resolve a name for the number via a ldap query and then sends the number and name to all signed clients.
Server Features:
  • resolves names from ldap server
  • logfile in /var/log/capimonsrv/capimonsrv.log
  • saves all incoming calls in /var/log/capimonsrv/capiIsdnMon.hist
  • config file: /etc/capimonsrv.conf

Windows Client Program

Program goes into tray mode, connects to the server and then displays all incoming messages on screen.
Client Features:
  • Up to four messages(calls) are stored in the rightclick menu(As long the program is running)
  • number is copied to clipboard if callentry is clicked in the rightclick menu
  • Dialog for setting the Server-IP address. IP stored in regitry.
  • Trayicon changed if message arrived