capiIsdnMon Homepage

(c) 2004


For now there is just one release (very alpha..)
And dont forget: No warranty at all!
Program works for me: (Germany - Fritz!Card PCI)


Server Daemon:
Install RPM on Server:
# rpm -Uvh capimonsrv-0.2-1.i386.rpm
# vi /etc/capimonsrv.conf
Start capimonsrv Daemon
# /etc/init.d/capimonsrv start

The user who is running this daemon needs read and write access to /dev/capi20.
If there was an error look into /var/log/capimonsrv/capiIsdnMon.log
For a working nameresolving, you need a ldap account

Windows Tray Client
Just copy it to where you want and run it.
It will ask for the server IP and then it will try to connect to the server.
You can reconfigure the IP with right-click on the tray-icon.