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New Architecture:

Since i was forced to use windows as my desktop the application is now seperated into two parts:
  • The capiIsdnMon Server - Waiting for Incoming calls on the capi device and then provides the number and name over tcp/ip to the clients
  • The Windows capiIsdnMon Tray Client - just goes into tray and displays incoming messages.
So you find the linux server and windows client in the download section.


New Release 0.41

- ldap nameresolution: csv file resolution removed, now number is searched in ldap server.
- ldap settings menu added.
- capi bugfix: bring capi back into correct state after incoming call.

New Release, because i dont like the QT Style (and the QT License) - i kicked the QT Part. I replaced it with GTK Code (now confusing C/C++ Mix code, but works und looks better with gtk).
Added Features:
- Last 4 calls are visible in docklet menu.
- Icon indicates new call.

I coded with some help a litte ISDN CAPI Caller Monitor. It seems useable...
So I decided to share this program and here it is.

This is my first application on and this is my first release, so this programm is still in pre alpha stadium. If you want report me a bug, need some information or maybe want do help to develop this applicaton just mail me...
Thats for now - back to life...

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